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Smokers at Hotel Stefanie

At Hotel Stefanie it is allowed to smoke in the courtyard garden

The European indoor-smoking bill forced hoteliers to offer alternatives for smokers without upsetting the other guests. At Hotel Stefanie you have the possibility to enjoy your cigarette in the courtyard garden.

At Hotel Am Parkring oder Hotel Capricorno the Schick Hotels offer rooms with balcony or terrace for smokers to smoke comfortable outside.

"Yes, I'm smoking and I'm not ashamed of it. I'm not a chain smoker, who lights one cigarette after the other, but a premium cigar or a nice cigarillo after a good meal is a delight for me!"

Smoker, Frank K.
Frank K., 47, occasional smoker and regular at Hotel Am Parking

Due to smoking being banned in most Austrian bars and restaurant you have to go outside in all weathers to smoke – so I have learnt to appreciate hotel rooms with balconies. 

Room with balcony or terrace for smokers 

Even I as a smoker don't want to sleep in a room where someone has smoked – so the perfect solution for my needs is a room with a balcony. After dinner I love to reminisce about the day with a good cigar under a roof and on the cosy terrace furniture – that is just perfect for me!

Hotel Capricorno and at Hotel Am Parkring offer rooms with balcony or terrace for me.
And at Hotel Stefanie I can smoke in the courtyard garden whenever I want. There are very well-assorted tobacconists in Vienna.

Christian P., occasional smoker from Carinthia 

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