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Jewish Museum Vienna

The chequered past of the Jews in Vienna

The City of Vienna has initiated numerous projects to raise awareness about 'Jewish Vienna'. Vienna's past is closely interwoven with the history of Jewish people in Vienna. Leopoldstadt, the second city district, formerly called 'Mazzes Island', is pleased to welcome Jewish guests on a regular basis. International, religious and cultural diversity and tolerance reflect the philosophy of hospitality at the Hotel Stefanie.

Photo of the Jewish memorial in Leopoldstadt in Vienna
Learn a lot of new things about Jewish Vienna in Leopoldstadt

Exhibition at the Jewish Museum

Vienna's current standing as a prominent European metropolis is owed in large part to the notable Jewish personalities who have helped to shape the arts, banking and economy of the city.

The Jewish Museum Vienna was the first museum in the world to document the Jewish culture of the past and present. It exhibits important collections documenting the history of Jews in Vienna.

In 1895, ten Jewish intellectuals initiated the founding of the Jewish Museum in Vienna. As they came from different professional backgrounds, the selection of contemporary historic documents was extremely diverse and interesting from the outset. In 1993, the Jewish Museum was reopened. The Museum Judenplatz, a satellite exhibition space, opened in 2000 and features the remnants of a synagogue destroyed in 1420/21 and documentation relating to the Shoah. Since its complete renovation in 2010 and 2011, the two locations at Dorotheengasse 11 and on the Judenplatz are conceived as places for encountering and exploring Jewish history, culture and religion from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Jewish Museum Vienna: documenting the past

The valuable collections displayed by the Jewish Museum Vienna either come from private donations or are on loan from various foundations. Guided tours of the Jewish Museum Vienna are offered in German or English and provide valuable insights into Jewish culture in Vienna. The Jewish Museum Vienna also contains an extensive public library and a café where you can relax and linger after exploring the museum.

Learn more about the Jewish Museum Vienna at their website:

Always worth a visit

Visit the metropolis on the banks of the Danube river and learn more about Jewish Vienna! You will be amazed at the rich and exciting history of the Jewish community as you learn many interesting facts about Jewish culture, Jewish religion and the Jewish religious community in Austria.

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