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St. Stephen's Cathedral - within walking distance from your hotel

Historical sights and attractions in Vienna

St. Stephen's Cathedral is the landmark of Vienna. Construction works started in the 12th century. Today, it is the most important Gothic monument in Austria and within walking distance (about 10 minutes) from your Hotel Stefanie.

Photo of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

Visit the interior of St. Stephen's Cathedral

The Gothic St. Stephen's Cathedral houses numerous artworks, which can be viewed with or without a guided tour. Particularly noteworthy are the 'Wiener Neustädt Altar', the tomb of Prince Eugene of Savoy in the catacombs of the Cathedral and the rich sculptural decoration on the inside of the cathedral and the facade of St. Stephen's. Suggestion: climb up the 343 steps to to the 'Türmerstube' in St. Stephen's Tower and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the city of Vienna.

The history of the St. Stephen's Cathedral

The first documented mention of the Church and Parish of St. Stephen dates back to 1137. This is presumed to be the date when construction began on the first Church of St. Stephen. While St. Stephen's Cathedral is now a prominent feature in the centre of Vienna, the square was at that time still outside the oldest city walls. The construction of the second Romanesque church is presumed to have taken place from 1200 to 1225; the main portal, among other things, dates from this period.

Cathedral in Vienna – the Stephansdom

The Gothic chancel was built in the 13th century, while the South Tower, also known as 'St. Stephen's Spire', was completed in the mid-15th century. At a height of 136.4 m, the church tower was then considered the tallest church spire in Europe. The North Tower was to follow suit, but its construction was abandoned due to the threat of a Turkish invasion in 1511. The fortification of the city walls was deemed more important. Hence, the last batch of stones installed in the North Tower are marked with the year 1511.

The four-star Hotel Stefanie, Vienna's oldest hotel, has enjoyed its close proximity to St. Stephen's Cathedral for more than 400 years. Reserve a room for your trip to Vienna still today. The team at the Hotel Stefanie is looking forward to welcoming you.

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