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Interactive House of Music

Get carried away by the world of music

The 'House of Music' sound museum in Vienna's first city district features a variety of interesting and entertaining facts and aspects related to music. Enjoy the fascinating world of sound.

A man and a woman sit in the Haydn Room in the House of Music and listen to something on headphones
Everything to do with hearing, music, sounds and tones in the House of Music

Music Museum – House of Music

The multifaceted House of Music Museum covers a broad range of subjects, all of which focus on one theme: music. Learn all you want to know about the highlights of the Viennese music tradition and about famous musicians, composers and orchestras ranging from the Vienna Philharmonic to the world of sound, from Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert all the way to actively creating music. The House of Music conveys an understanding and appreciation of notes and sounds in such a playful, accessible manner that even children enjoy the experience. The team of the renowned museum for music also regularly organises musical events, concerts for children, workshops, discussions with artists and much more. Music aficionados and interested visitors will greatly enjoy a visit to the House of Music in Vienna.

An exciting exploration of the world of music

The House of Music is a Viennese museum that will take you on an entertaining and exciting tour of your listening capabilities. It also offers special programmes for children. Feast your ears on the magic of music!

Visit Vienna's Music Museum

The House of Music allows visitors to interactively experience music on four floors. Visit the popular sound museum during your stay. The Hotel Stefanie will gladly welcome you during your holiday. Vienna's oldest hotel also offers you an audio experience. From a friendly 'Grüss Gott' offered by the team at reception to the gentle bubbling of the bathtub filling up or the hearty crunch as you bite into a crisp, fresh bread roll at breakfast – the Hotel Stefanie offers numerous friendly and familiar sounds that will make you feel at home. You'd better send off your online booking right away.

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