Over 400 years of tradition in Vienna's oldest hotel

Hotel Stefanie stays young

Keep tradition and offer modern comfort

Hotel Stefanie is Vienna's oldest hotel and therefore obliged to a long tradition of hospitality. In order that our guests can feel as comfortable as, for instance, in 1848 the deputies did at the Viennese Reichstag, we renovate the hotel continually and adapt our rooms and suites to modern standards without affecting the historical atmosphere

The last big reconstruction was finished in March 2016 and since then, also the last 18 rooms - among them two suites - of our central hotel shine in new splendour.

111 guest rooms in Vienna renovated

At Hotel Stefanie, we now offer you 111 completely renovated guest rooms. Over the course of the last years, all rooms and suites of our traditional hotel were renovated and redesigned and adapted to the demands of the present day. But not only the guest rooms, but also all the other parts of our exclusive hotel were stylishly renovated. We were always considerate of keeping the dignified ambience and combining it with modern comfort. The very positive reactions of our guests confirm us on this way.

Since 2017 the internet access has been updated. The Hotel Stefanie now has got access to a 100 Mbit glass-fiber-cable.

Modern comfort and imperial flair

Feel the spirit of past days in our elegant rooms while you use the free WiFi on your smartphone or zap through the Sky programme on the flat screen. Many antique furniture and accessories in the hotel and in the rooms echo the Austrian Empire. Feel like Empress Sissi at the washbasin with the playful feet and handles before you enjoy the amenities of the present day with environmentally friendly soap under the modern rain shower. Also the room technique is state-of-the-art and enables you at the push of a button the individual adaptation to your wishes, for example the temperature.

New splendour in old walls - visit the Hotel Stefanie

Get inspired by the pictures of our newly renovated rooms and suites, experience the new splendour in old walls and visit the four-star Hotel Stefanie in the 2nd district of Vienna. Book your stay at the traditional Hotel Stefanie and look forward to recreative days with a very special flair! Live like an emperor at Hotel Stefanie - the oldest hotel of the city!

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