Over 400 years of tradition in Vienna's oldest hotel

Hotel Stefanie Philosophy

Obliged to a history-charged tradition

400 years of hospitability and tradition
Hotel Stefanie - Vienna's oldest hotel

“Tradition is the passing on of the fire, not the worship of the ashes” - this quote by Thomas Morus, an English politician from the 16th century, describes Hotel Stefanie's philosophy pretty accurately.  

Keeping up the tradition of Vienna's oldest hotel is an enormous responsibility, but we have an equally big responsibility to continuously reinvent the hotel and adjust it to today's times and the guests' latest requests. A fact which is very important for the Schick family. As a result of a renovation program during the last years, since April 2016 all rooms and suites have been updated to today’s comfort and though you can still feel the spirit of the former days all over the house.

Antiques all over the Hotel Stefanie
Antiques all over the Hotel Stefanie

A hotel stay in the middle of art and antiques 

For several generations the Schick family has collected art and crafts in order to preserve the flair of former eras at the hotel. This personal selection of furniture, paintings and sculptures gives every guest the feeling of being special and welcomed. 

Vienna for time travellers

It is Hotel Stefanie's desire to welcome guests, who want to visit the Vienna of the 19th and early 20th century – the former imperial city and centre of an empire. The former splendour and size doesn't really suit the small Austria of today. Every guest will experience a feeling of travelling back to another time and visualising Vienna at that time. 

At your service at Hotel Stefanie
We are responsible for your well-being: Pin itf.l.t.r. Peter Buocz, Director; Rudolf Scheer, Head of Technic; Katharina Holper, Reservations Mananger; Andreas Spadt, Reception Manager; Thomas Kahlhofen, Restaurant Manager; Anton Kormanak, Chef; Mery Barna

Impersonal hotel chains have taken over the tasteful “grand hotels”, something Hotel Stefanie wants to resist. They still exist, these grand hotels with the smart chambermaids in their uniforms and the head porter, who knows (almost) everything and speaks a number of languages, just like at Hotel Stefanie.

Regular guests are welcomed by name and we try to be as far away from the flair at international hotel chains as possible

A hotel like in an Agatha Christie film

A member of the Schick team once said that this was exactly how you would imagine a hotel when you were a child. A remarkable foyer with big upholstered furniture, continual coming and going of people from all over the world, a magnificent dining room, a library, a club room – just like from an Agatha Christie film!

What isn't from an Agatha Christie film is the state-of-the-art hotel technology, WiFi, SKY TV channels in all rooms, etc. with which we go full circle with the quote at the beginning. We pass on the fire of tradition as perfect hosts and worship history.

Book your room at the elegant Hotel Stefanie online now – and experience Vienna at one of its most traditional hotels! 

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