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The Courtyard garden at Hotel Stefanie

Your oasis in the heart of Vienna

The Courtyard Garden at Hotel Stefanie is equally popular with the Viennese people and tourists, located idyllic and peaceful in the open air of elegant Schick Restaurant Stefanie.

The Courtyard Garden with Lounge flair in Schick Hotel Stefanie
The Courtyard Garden at Stefanie

You cannot imagine what is hidden inside such a gem by looking at the facade of the Hotel Stefanie. The courtyard garden lying in the calm inner court is a real secret shared by aficionados. As a hotel guest, you can have your breakfast in the courtyard garden (in nice weather beginning at 8 o'clock) in this secluded location.

But even if you’re not staying in the Hotel Stefanie, the team of the Restaurant Stefanie will offer you a very cordial welcome. Thus, during the day you might enjoy Viennese coffee specialties or light snacks in the Stefanie café-bar, have a pleasant and light lunch, or dine in style in the evening.

Another specialty of the courtyard garden is that due to its secluded location, it is also ideal when other terraces had to pack up due to the changing seasons. Awnings are used not only on hot days but also against light rain.

Stylish ambience in the garden 

For vacationers to Vienna, there is a particularly highly recommended specialty of the Restaurant Stefanie:  “A taste of Imperial Vienna” the culinary journey through old Viennese cuisine, All the highlights of Viennese cuisine are offered in one stylish menu. You could hardly learn to appreciate Viennese cuisine better.

Of course, the courtyard garden is also available for all seminar guests in the Hotel Stefanie. Whether for a break in the open air, Christmas punch and Glühwein (mulled wine) pleasures, or simply for a stylish ending to your conference in a pleasant atmosphere – you’ll be amazed at just how versatile the Hotel Stefanie’s courtyard garden is.

Festivities in the open air

The large windows of the elegant festivities and meeting hall of the Hotel Stefanie can be opened into the courtyard garden. Can you imagine a more stylish background for your wedding, or your private or business celebration? Probably not! Indulge yourself in the special environment of this exceptional hotel and restaurant in the 2nd district – only a few minutes on foot to Schwedenplatz and the 1st district and send your table reservation at the garden now.

Enjoying Viennese specialities in the garden and residing in the centrally located Hotel Stefanie: Book your holiday in Vienna online now.

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