Over 400 years of tradition in Vienna's oldest hotel

Member of Historic Hotels of Europe

Unique in Vienna - in good company throughout Europe.

City Historic Hotel Award 2020
Awarded 2020 as the best city hotel of Historic Hotels Europe

Hotel Stefanie, as Vienna's oldest hotel, has made international friendships by becoming a member of Historic Hotels of Europe. What really is a unique selling point in Vienna, there was no other Viennese hotel continuously open since 1600, can certainly be found at European level.

Europe's history has been shaped for centuries by empires, kingdoms, artists, merchants and travellers, who have always evolved or settled down in very special places. Fortunately a large number of original accommodations has been preserved, lovingly restored and is still or again available for travellers today.

Awarded: Best City Hotel of Historic Hotels Europe 2020

The Hotel Stefanie is very proud to has been honoured by the Historic Hotels of Europe with the City Historic Hotel Award 2020! On the occasion of the annual meeting of Historic Hotels, hotels were awarded in 8 categories, which were determined by an audience vote. A heartfelt thank you to the guests of the Hotel Stefanie.

Unique in Vienna - in good company throughout Europe.

Member of Historic Hotels of Europe
Member of Historic Hotels of Europe

Historic Hotels of Europe is a unique collection of more than 400 lodgings in 19 European countries: castles, palaces, mansions, monasteries, manor houses, farmhouses and also townhouses, such as Hotel Stefanie.

They are all very special and they are interconnected by the fascinating stories and experiences behind the buildings. Whether you are walking in the footsteps of the Habsburgs, as in Vienna, breathing the fresh scent of Tuscan meadows, plunging into the Renaissance beauty of Florence, feeling the splendour of Athens or riding into the mountains and let the deep fjords take your breath away, at the Historic Hotels of Europe, you will find extraordinary accommodation at all destinations, offering exceptional hospitality, best service and fine cuisine, and standing for Europe's historical heritage.

Hotel Stefanie proudly bears the logo of the Historic Hotels of Europe, as well as its history, which it will always cherish. Facts and figures are quickly forgotten, but the stories remain part of the memories of travel.

Book your room in the steeped in history Hotel Stefanie online now, so that your visit to Vienna will be something very special!

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